Intelligent Software.
Made Simple.

We believe in brick and mortar retail and that software should strengthen the human element of the in-store experience. Mapped (an iPad app) allows store managers to interactively plan their seasonal floorsets and seamlessly share layouts for approval. A custom-designed admin panel allows for Corporate entities to track data and trends for continued iteration, growth, and success.

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It's time to ditch the red pens, rulers, and protractors! We love brick and mortar retail and believe that we have a responsibility to help the industry adapt to the industry's changes. Mapped allows store managers to interactively map their floorsets, share layouts with corporate for approval, and provides admin tools to track the success of different layouts.


At Heavy Cream we believe that software has a real responsibility to enrich human connection, deepen brand experiences, and make life easier for all. We see code as an artform and seek to educate clients and collaborators.